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The twins have appeared in several magazines, including Import Tuner, Performance Auto and Sound, Fast and Sexy, and Playboy.They have also modeled for calendars including Umbrella Girls USA, Sexy Corvettes, and Playboy's Leather Catalog.caught up with the sisters, who are former Hooters girls and have posed in , to get the lowdown on their bi-curious ways, how they settle mutual crushes (dibs! How did you get involved with the show?Rikki: We were always big fans of the show and before we even knew that Tila wasn't gonna do a third season, I actually sent an e-mail to MTV in hopes that they would read it, but they never did!

Just in case you forgot who the Ikki Twins are in the last nine years, here’s the lowdown.

Personal life The twins were born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and lived in nine different states before eventually residing in San Diego, California.

They have both stated that they are bisexual, Rikki discovered it first and did not mention it until Vikki later discovered she was.

The trailers showed you guys arguing sometimes and shoving each other off the chairs.

Before we had our own little outlets, now we're like a happy, little married couple!

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