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Before we had Entourage, we had The Pussy Posse: Lukas Haas, Tobey Maguire, Harmony Korine, David Blaine, Jay Ferguson, Josh Miller, Ethan Suplee, Kevin Connolly, Scott Bloom, Justin Herwick, and occasionally Sara Gilbert—a patchwork quilt of aspiring actors and former child stars.“I have read it,” Connolly told The Daily Beast of the New York mag piece.

“The truth of the matter is [Sales] coined that phrase, and it stuck.

Reportedly, Leonardo is dating a model 23 years younger to him.

In fact, the mother of the model is also 2 years younger to Leonardo, but isn’t everything said to be fair in love?

He told Esquire, “When I want someone to be my friend, I just make them my friend.” When a 12-year-old Di Caprio spotted Maguire on set, “I literally jumped out of the car. David Blaine is still a magician, which is still pretty embarrassing.

As for Academy Award winner Leonardo Di Caprio, exclusively dating millennials appears to be the last remaining vestige of his Pussy Posse prowess.

In fact, it has been reported that the 43-year-old might finally be ready to get married and maybe even have children.

, the actor could be preparing to propose to his girlfriend, with a source reportedly telling the publication that the couple are ‘very in love and serious’, having even ‘talked about getting engaged’ already. ‘She loves having little kids around and wants to have kids with Leo, but she wants to get married to him first,’ explained the source.

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On Sunday night, Leonardo Di Caprio finally took home an Academy Award for Best Actor.

The Pussy Posse was more about pissing contests than pussy, as a tight-knit group of young, handsome competitors raced one another to the forefront of the Hollywood scene. Tobey Maguire has kept up a steady career with films like Spider-Man and The Great Gatsby.

In fact, The Posse might be one of the finest examples of “frenemy” culture in the modern era. While his celebrity has declined somewhat since the summit of Spider-Man, he’s happily married with two kids.

Leonardo Di Caprio is known either for his legendary performances or for his relationships with models.

And, this time, again, he is making headlines for the latter mentioned reason.

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