John mayer dating again

This could have been very harmful, especially to a small child!

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I tried calling your help line, which said I would be on hold for up 120 minutes. I tried calling your Corporate Headquarters which does not answer.

Been buying it for years, never had that problem until the last 2 packs I purchased in the last 2/3 months.

I have been trying the phone number listed for corp. Why list your number if phone calls are not allowed to get thru to corp. I do not beleive the line is consistently for 8/9 hours a day.

Reply Are Oscar Mayer products now processed in China in Chinese processing plants? Reply Last week I bought a package of your ‘Lean’ smoked Ham. It was fat and so thin it tore into pieces when I tried to put it on a sandwich. It is expensive and not worthy of the Oscar Mayer name that I used to trust.

I just bought Oscar Mayer bacon which I have done for fifty years and it was unedible. The problem is the cheese hot dogs we buy lately don’t have cheese in them. I don’t know what the company’s quality control is to have this happening. Well, I thought this was just a once in a lifetime bad package so I bought another one this week. I have NEVER seen this quality of ham in an Oscar Mayer product. The bar code on this last package is – 44700 01903. Reply I recently purchased a 5$ pack of Oscar Mayer beef bologna and it was so thin it was mashed together and couldn’t peel it apart unless you ripped it up !

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