Intimidating good or bad

I recommend Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” to learn more on this subject. Believe it or not, it’s writing that gets my juices going more than just about anything else in the world.Maybe it’s one thing, a bunch of things, or always something new.You’ll notice patterns within your behavior, and more and more often you’ll be able to catch yourself in advance before you go and step all over someone else’s toes and end up owing them a pedi just to make things right.Admit your wrongs as soon as possible and do whatever you can to make things right.

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Worrying about the outcome will tear you apart inside with anxiety…and that anxiety will create even more worrisome thoughts, feeding more anxiety in the body, creating a big mind-body loop of stress wreaking havoc on your system like a mosh-pit in the bottom of your soul. Cherish and nurture the relationships you have with the ones you like and love. Go through life looking for ways to make this planet and your community more awesome for everyone in it now, and for generations to come. Maybe you have a public persona, and that’s OK—but keep it as authentic as you can, and if people start telling you how great you are, thank them but don’t let it go to your head.Instead of trying to extract value from this world, add to it in your own unique way, in a way no one else can but you, by contributing massive value to people’s lives in the most impactful way you possibly can.When you fall down in life and climb out of the holes along the way, be the hand that reaches down and lifts the next guy up and says “Here, let me show you the way.” Be amazing at making mistakes; make more mistakes in the next year or two than you’ve made in your entire life. If you’re not making mistakes, you probably aren’t learning and growing, and that which doesn’t grow dies.It’s not for the aspiring pick-up artist, nor is it about getting ripped or being able to kick someone’s ass. It’s About Being an Agent of Awesome on a Grand Adventure …and having a helluva good time along the way. One time I was in line for something at the local bagel shop and the line got kinda messy, and it was hard to tell who was next.I was in a hurry, and felt I was next, but this other dude started walking up to the counter, kinda cutting in front of me.You’re never gonna get everything done, so just do what you can do today, focus on what you’re doing right now, and ease back a little into the seat of your being instead of losing yourself in the ever-growing to-do list.Life will try to beat you down, others will try and take what you have, and your own mind will tell you that you’re not good enough, but… “If you have an idea of what you want to do in your future, you must go at it with almost monastic obsession, be it music, the ballet, or just a basic degree.Whatever it is, whether as a career, hobby, or just random adventures in awesomeness, spend as much time as possible doing the shit you love. Between taking actions on the goals that’ll get you to your dream life, making money, needing new stuff, getting broken stuff fixed or fixing it yourself, family obligations, being a good friend, having to do that thing you should have said “no” to three weeks ago when you were asked and now it’s too late, taxes, car stuff, house stuff, kid stuff (should you have any of those little loveable monsters), health stuff, legal stuff , bank stuff, food stuff, and any of about 113,984,767.63 other things that require your attention….you’re never gonna get it all done.The ducks will never be in a row..fact, most of the time, half of them’ll be quacking their little asses off and running out in front of cars.When you start believing the praise, buying into your own marketing, thinking that you and your awesome Facebook profile are one…life will show you that you’re just like everyone else.If you don’t stay humble, then you just may have a date with the grueling process of humiliation…which can .

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