Developing and validating trust measures

Scholarly and practical implications are discussed along with several avenues for future research.

This scale also has good psychometric properties.19 The Primary Care Assessment Survey (PCAS) by Safran is another tool covering seven important domains of healthcare. It has a very high reliability of all the seven domains.6 Leisen and Hyman developed Patient Trust in their Physician Scale in 2001.

Administrative competence, clinical competence, advocacy, beneficence, fairness, honesty and openness, are some of the domains covered in this trust scale.

A unique scale was developed to measure distrust in healthcare.

Methods Dimensions of trust in physicians, which were identified in a previous qualitative study in the same setting, were used to develop a scale.

This scale was administered among 616 adults selected from urban and rural areas of Tamil Nadu, south India, using a multistage sampling cross sectional survey method.

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