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They then wanted him to download a remote access client from logmein and this is where he became suspicious and said he wouldn't do it.They're using social engineering techniques to scare people and I can see a lot of vulnerable people being caught out by this.Oh and the phone connection died twice (so my thought they are on skype).Anyway after about 20 mins he says okay I have to pass you know onto my supervisor.

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I hope this scammer will get caught soon and rot in jail and throw the key away for good for what he done all these innocent people.I am sick of tired of these scammer who is low pathetic try to trick or harm the innocent people for $$$ that just not on.scams like this is making it hard for us genuine computer Techs to help people remotely who have genuine remote access tools because no one will want to have them on their pcs in fear of all their info being stolen Had a scam call this evening from someone claiming to be from Windows support (forget the exact name) claiming that they were getting error messages and warnings from my router. They asked for Mrs XXXX, which was her maiden name so that was the first clue it was a sus call.Ive had a call from an indian sounding guy, telling me that my computer was infected.I immediately though "scam", so I asked him that if he knew my computer was infected, what's my ip address?She fobbed them off saying she had to go, but she did ask for a call back number. : P I had one of these a few weeks ago, so I played along...asked which computer specifically as I have 4, they couldn't answer.I then asked 'Is it the one with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint or PCLOS'...Beware that this scam is out there and if you have friends or family who may not be completely technically savvy it may bite them.I found this: yep had two reports of these in the last month, in these cases they were both elderly so im wondering if they have access to a database from which they choose the most vulnerable i.e.His supervisor comes on had does some more blurb, and claims my PC is in a very bad state, blah blah blah. Didn't ask them, but another pointer to it being a scam.Tells me to go to a website and install some software ( WHY WOULD MICROSOFT ASK YOU TO INSTALL 3RD PARTY SOFTWARE? I asked them how long it would take and they said oh it'll take about 30 mins then they would call back to say it's all fixed.

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