Dating hammond transformer

The accuracy of the Type-N vernier dial was excellent and the receiver's sensitivity quite good.Since the contract was only for a handful of receivers, National decided to also produce the RHM as a civilian communication receiver called the AGS.Hoover setup a lab in his garage, employing Howard Morgan from Western Electric Co.

A redesigned AGS appeared for commercial users, designated the AGU, featuring a coil assembly that carried all three coils as a unit for easy band changing.

By late 1933, the ham version of the AGS, the Single Signal AGS-X, made its appearance.

The AGS-X had a crystal filter, amateur bandspread coils (optional) and a front panel adjustable BFO.

The new receiver would be a team effort with engineers working on the project on both coasts.

: Artwork for the HRO Prototype published in National Bulletin No.240 showing the receiver with AGS style knobs, a Volume control, a single coil frequency graph, no S-meter switch and many other differences from the actual production HRO receiver.

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