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Ibe sees that Eiji has brought out the part of himself that's in Ash.Ash can only really act like a teenager when he's around Eiji.

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First, in a hilarious sequence at the beginning, we see the wildly different way that Ash treats Eiji from everyone else around him.And if you're along the ride because of the Ash/Eiji relationship—which I'm guessing is most of you—"The Beautiful and the Damned" is a real treat.For all the seedy fascination its drug plot demands, this show keeps plugging along because of its characters.Love and desire don't need kisses or sex scenes to communicate themselves.Ash and Eiji show their love in everything they do.The gang members are likewise surprised when Eiji literally slaps Ash awake, and their boss reacts with little more than grumbling and this priceless face.Later, in a conversation between Ibe and Max, Max thinks it's curious that Ash and Eiji have gravitated toward each other when they seem so different.Ash and Eiji also get some moments alone, where Ash allows himself to be vulnerable with him in a way that he can't with anyone else.He confesses a really silly childhood fear—pumpkins—which gets Eiji howling with laughter, given how incongruous this seems from Ash's hardened attitude toward everything else.Plus, there's the fact that Eiji gets more than a little excited at the thought of Ash dropping his pants.Frankly, this central relationship is most of what makes work.

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